About Us


About Us

Obsessed Kitchen and Bar is a global cuisine restaurant located in beautiful Oak Park.  We love obsessing over you.  Obsessed with great food, attentive service and creative, but classic cocktail, Obsessed Kitchen and Bar is a perfect place for you to enjoy the perfect night out.  Using locally sourced ingredient to create globally inspired food that will tickle your tastebuds and feed the soul.  As the seasons change so do our menus, sourcing the best ingredients, craft beers and wines we create fun and different menus seasonally.  Obsessed Kitchen and Bar is the latest creation from Daniel and Tricia Vogel, Oak Park residents, creating a neighborhood feel with a touch class that you can call home. 


About the Chef

For more the 25 years Chef Daniel has tirelessly strived to achieve that singular moment where a meal transcends what is on the plate to become a communal experience - where food, people and place become one.  As a child growing up in Iowa, Daniel and his family embraced the "farm to table" concept long before it became de-rigueur in today's restaurant industry.  His earliest memories involved three critical ingredients - the freshest of foodstuffs from local farmers, a loving circle of family and friends, and an inquisitive and nurturing environment.  These simple life lessons have never been lost on Daniel and he has carried them with him ever since.  

Moving to California in 1997, Chef Daniel put himself through culinary school where he had the opportunity to train under some of the world's finest chefs, including: Certified Master Chef Roland Henin, Wolfgang Puck, Nobu Matsuhisa, Hurbert Keller, Michael Mina and Jim Anile.  It was during this period that Daniel learned how to cook on a global scale.

A Midwestern boy at heart Chef Daniel decided after five years it was time to return to his roots. "I missed the simple joys of my childhood and wanted to be closer to my family.  I wanted to for family and close friends again - Chicago was the logical choice."  After stents at Blue Plate Catering and Phil Stefani Signature Events, Daniel opened up Food Obsession, a catering company in Oak Park focusing on farm to table.  Today Chef Daniel can be found splitting time between Food Obsession and Obsessed Kitchen and Bar marrying his four favorite cuisines (French, Italian, Asian and Mexican) into a flawless integration of explosive flavors and cultural menus.

Listen to Chef Daniel speak about his obsession with food and inevitably you will hear him reminisce about those early dinners with family, first dates, the loves lost and found over food and the meals which have imprinted themselves on his soul.  In fact, Chef Daniel will be the first to tell you that he discovered the love of his life Tricia over a meal of spaghetti and meatballs.  It's no surprise that Chef Daniel's and Tricia's two beautiful children Zachary and Olivia are both obsessed.